Making people smile one scan at a time.

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How It Works

Step 1: Scan the QR code!

Step 2: Read the message!

(It changes every day)

Step 3: Smile :)

Step 4: Purchase a hoodie and pass it on!

Our message center generates a new quote each day! You will wear the same hoodie and stand for a new message every time you wear it!

About Us!


We are a group of 5 students attending Utah Tech University. This company was started as a class project and we have learned so much through starting and growing this business. We hope to make people smile every day with our hoodies and spread positivity everywhere you go.

Be the reason someone smiles today!

-Sophie Wood, Hailey Reynolds, Jared Fotu, Kirsten Dopp, and Ava Poppe

  • "I am obsessed with the idea of QR Hoodies. The message they spread is inspiring and the hoodies are such a great material!"

    -Sophie Wood

  • "I love these hoodies! Thay are so cute and comfy! I also love that the QR code leads to a positive message everyday!"

    -Kirsten Dopp

  • "I absolutely adore QR Hoodies! They have trendy and stylish designs that spread a positive message to the world!"

    -Nora Wood

  • "I enjoy walking around with a QR code on my back that leads to an inspiring quote to make someone smile!"

    -Kodi Brems

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