Making people smile one scan at a time.

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How It Works

Step 1: Scan the QR code!

Step 2: Read the message! (It changes every day)

Step 3: Smile :)

Step 4: Purchase a hoodie or tee and pass it on!

Our message center generates a new quote each day! You will wear the same hoodie and stand for a new message every time you wear it!

  • "I am obsessed with the idea of QR Hoodies. The message they spread is inspiring and the hoodies are such a great material!"

    -Sophie Wood

  • "I love these hoodies! Thay are so cute and comfy! I also love that the QR code leads to a positive message everyday!"

    -Kirsten Dopp

  • "I absolutely adore QR Hoodies! They have trendy and stylish designs that spread a positive message to the world!"

    -Nora Wood

  • "I enjoy walking around with a QR code on my back that leads to an inspiring quote to make someone smile!"

    -Kodi Brems

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